Music Academy

VMU Music Academy is a constantly changing, dynamic part of the university, where the best traditions of music education (great attention to the mastering of the performing arts, the lecturers sharing their professional experience directly and teaching a particular specialty in a consistent manner) are balanced with broad general university education (studies of the languages, the humanities and social sciences), helping to educate an individual who is intellectual, creative and able to easily adapt to the job market.


Studies in Music academy take place in five departments: Singing, Jazz, Piano, Music theory and practice, Instrumental music (string instruments, accordion section and wind instruments). Professors who work in these departments are in Lithuania and world famous artists, many of them are rated by the Golden Stage Cross award, National award winners and acknowledgments of the President.

Dean assoc. prof. Saulius Gerulis

  • 406 room
  • (837) 295 842


Vice-dean for study process assoc. prof. Daiva Bukantaitė

  • 403 room
  • (8 37) 295 411
  • (8 685) 84 258

Snr. department tutor Ausra Variakojiene

  • 405 room
  • Responsibilities – bachelor’s and master’s studies, preparatory courses.
  • (8 37) 295 842

Coordinator for international relations Greta Stasytiene