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doc. dr. Saulius Gerulis

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Senior Officer Aušrinė Balčiūnė
The range of responsibility – academic needs: Bachelor studies, Master studies
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Senior Officer Justė Markevičiūtė
The range of responsibility – personnel, international communication
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Coordinator   Rita Bieliauskaitė

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About the Music Academy

Looking Back

Kaunas boasts deep-rooted traditions of training professional musicians, continuing since at least the beginning of the 20th century. The beginnings for the grooming of professional musicians here can be dated back to 1919, when a private music school was founded by composer and organist Juozas Naujalis (it became public in 1920). After 1927, composer Juozas Gruodis, who had just returned from studies in Leipzig, started heading the school. Thanks to his and other contemporary intellectuals' efforts, the music school became an institution of higher education when it was turned into a conservatory in 1933.

Throughout the entire period of independent Lithuania between the two world wars, the conservatory was following the best traditions of institutions of higher music education in Warsaw, Prague, Leipzig, Paris, St. Petersbourg and Moscow, by educating artists which shaped the culture of the provisional capital and the whole nation, and vastly contributed to the history of Lithuanian music.

In 1949, music education was centralized and the conservatories of Kaunas and Vilnius were merged; from then on, music studies were available only in the capital of Lithuania.

In 1989, after a break of 40 years, the higher music education was returned to Kaunas by request of the city's musicians – with the establishment of the Kaunas Faculty at the then functioning Lithuanian Conservatory.

The Academy Today

Talented musicians and professional educators are working at the VMU Music Academy, which was known as the Kaunas Faculty of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre until 2011. Their list includes famous piano, string, percussion and brass performers, jazz artists and singers – many of them well known nationally and globally or winners of the Lithuanian National Culture and Art Prize. The quality of the study programmes' implementation was received with acclaim by international expert commissions and positive feedback. About 90 percent of the Alumni that graduated from the institution in the 20 years of its existence have become artists who are frequently holding concerts, soloists and choire singers at music theatres, irreplaceable orchestra musicians, professional teachers of music, lecturers at higher education schools, concertmasters, employees of various cultural and educational institutions.

The VMU Music Academy is a constantly changing, dynamic part of the university, where the best traditions of music education (great attention to the mastering of the performing arts, the lecturers’ sharing their professional experience directly and teaching a particular specialty in a consistent manner) are balanced with broad general university education (studies of the languages, the humanities and social sciences), helping to educate an individual who is intellectual, creative and able to easily adapt to the job market.

The Music Academy is keeping and constantly strengthening close ties with social partners, heads and employees of various cultural and educational institutions (theatres, music collectives, philharmonics, music schools and gymnasiums). These ties help to create conditions for the future professionals to acquire practical experience in concerts and pedagogy while they are still studying, and successfully fill a job position in the same field after they have graduated. Close contact between the lecturers and the students during the studies often evolves into further creative collaborations.

The lecturers and students of the Music Academy often engage in collaborative activities, such as concerts, music projects, preparation and participation in concerts (in Lithuania and abroad). Some of the academy’s students play in a symphonic brass and percussion band, regularly perform in concerts and participate in continuing artistic projects both in Lithuania and abroad. Numerous students, still working on a diploma, are already acting in theatre, performing in orchestras or ensembles, singing in choirs.

Currently the VMU Music Academy prepares professional performers of instrumental music, singers and teachers. The students are offered two Bachelor's degree study programmes – Performance Art (28 specialties) and Music Pedagogy – and three Master's level programmes: Performance Art (31 specialties), General Didactics of Music and Music Pedagogy (28 specialties). Since 2011, applications to VMU Music Academy will be accepted according to the prepared and registered regulations of VMU and the compliance to the requirements of BA and MA study programmes at the university. Two brand new programmes, the first ever of their kind in Lithuanian schools of higher education, will be offered here. The possibility of organizing PhD. studies is considered for the future.

The Faculty In Brief

Faculty Community

  • approx. 200 students
  • approx. 80 lecturers (famous artists, professional music performers and theorists)

Faculty Structure

  • Departments of Singing, Jazz, Piano, Music Theory and Pedagogy, Instrumental Music

Exchange Opportunities

  • One semester of studies at one of the universities participating in the LLP/Erasmus Programme.